Super slick UI, crammed with a trolley cart of features

On-line point-of-sale

See your business trading in real-time. Just log-in anytime, anywhere.

Works in the browser

Because Tillify is web-based, you can use Tillify anywhere, from any device. Just log-in and your good to go. Nothing needs to be installed.

Device level security

Increase your point-of-sale security with our device level log-in. Store manager's and supervisors log your devices into your account using a web log-in. Cashiers and operators then use your devices through-out the day, using a four digit log-in code.

True multi-operator and multi customer operation

Tillify web POS can be operated by multiple-operators serving multiple customers in real-time. The Transaction-Tab Bar makes it dead easy to switch between sales in-real-time. To further enhance security and multi-operator support. Tillify can log operators out after each sale, or after periods of no activity.

Lightning fast operation

Tillify cloud POS works at lightning speeds. Faster than your operators can operate. Start to finish, complete a sale in less then four key presses and that's without a bar-code reader!

Off-line, on-line, power-fail or browser crash nothing stops Tillify

Tillify internet POS continues to work even if your Internet doesn't. And if your browser, or device shuts down. Tillify will kick-off right where it left off. Nothing is lost.

Touch, Mouse and keyboard Support

You choose how you operate. But rest assured if you're using a touch device you wont need a keyboard. And if you're using the keyboard you won't need to reach for the mouse.

Bar-code reading

Got a Barcode reader? Scan away.

Touch, Mouse and keyboard Support

You choose how you operate. But rest assured if you're using a touch device you wont need a keyboard. And if you're using the keyboard you won't need to reach for the mouse.

Sticky focus

Sticky focus makes sure that no matter what you do, Tillify will keep your cursor focused in the right places at the right time.

No decimal Entry

Works the way it should. No need to type the decimal, Tillify takes care of that.

No need for stock entry, start selling right away!

Most point-of-sale vendors think you'll sit down and enter all your stock on day one. Tillify is different! We know your itching to start selling right away. So we made sure you can do just that.

Programmable item keys

Reduce price errors. Get better reporting and financial insights. If you don't want to use inventory control. Programmable item keys dramatically improve speed and efficiency, reduce errors, offer better receipt detailing and gain invaluable reporting data.

Item variations

Some items are the same. Coffee can be Grande and Medio. Tillify has been designed with this in mind and makes it easy for your operators to select the right item without complexity.

Split and Merge Sales

If you run a restaurant you will know splits and merges. Tillify makes it dead easy to split a tab in-to multiple bills or merge multiple tabs into one bill.

Price changes

No need for a calculator. Tillify makes price changes a sweet deal. Item price, line price or percentage off are all catered for.

Multiple sale and price modes

Walk in, Take-Out, Eat in, Trade Sale, Student Sale. Quickly program your serve screen so that one key press sets the right parameters for the transaction being run. Automatically apply transaction over-rides for Tax, Discount, Service charge even select which item price is used based on the transaction type selected.

Multiple Tax Rate Support

Different stores with different tax rates? No problem! Tax rates can be set at product, register or sale level. Set and manage different tax rates for all of your store locations.

Split Payments

Quickly accept multiple payment types for one sale.

Silent Mode

Woried about switching form a cash register and using a computerized system. Worry no more. Tillify has "silent running modes" that restrict or totally remove all your trading data at the end of each session. Silent running gives you the tools to choose what data you keep, how and where you keep it.

Shift reconciliation, X and Z Readings

Tillify may be in the cloud but we still recognise your point-of-sale business is not. Open shift, close shift, drop/payout, float adjust are all catered for from the admin panel.

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